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Anime T.V Guide for Canada

New Brunswick

This is the Anime T.V. Schedule for new Brunswick. It includes all the anime shows that are shown on basic cable. However, just to warn you, this schedule will never be totally accurate since T.V stations always change their shows' timeslots without notice. I'll try to keep it as up-to-date as possible, but I only can do a regular update once a month. Therefore, this schedule is just a guide to help. Make sure you check your local listings because that's still the best.

Dragon Ball 12 A Wish to the Enternal Dragon Nov.1 7:00-7:30AM YTV
13 The Lengend of Goku Nov.8
1 The Secret of the Dragon Balls Nov.15
2 The Nov.22
3 The Nimbus of Roshi Nov.29
Dragon Ball Z 9 Princess Snake's Hospitality Nov.1 11:00-11:30AM KVOS
10 The Escape of Piccolo Nov.8
11 Showdown in the Past Nov.15
12 The End of the Snakeway Nov.22
13 A Fight Against Gravity: Catch Bubbles Nov.29
Dragon Ball Z 11 Showdown in the Past Nov.1 2:00-2:30AM YTV
12 The End of Snake Way Nov.8
13 Goku's Intiation Nov.15
1 Arrival of Radditz Nov.22
2 The World's Strongest Team Nov.29
Dragon Ball Z 1-unknown Arrival of Raditz-unknown Oct.20-Nov.28 (Only Mon. to Fri.) 12:00-12:30AM TELETOON
Dragon Ball Z 3 Gohan's Hidden Powers Nov.5 10:00-10:30PM TELETOON
4 Goku's Unusual Journey Nov.12
5 Gohan's Metamorphosis Nov.19
6 Gohan Makes A Friend Nov.26
Sailor Moon unknown unknown Nov.1 12:00-12:30PM GLOBAL
Sailor Moon 72 Dog Day for Artemis Nov.1 12:00-12:30PM YTV
73 Smart Payoff Nov.8
74 Child's Play Nov.15
75 Future Shocked Nov.22
76 Lengend of the Negamoon Nov.29
Sailor Moon 11 Match Point for Sailor Moon Nov.1/Nov.2 11:30-12:00AM/
12 Unnatural Phenomena Nov.8/Nov9
13 Wedding Day Blues Nov.15/Nov.16
14 Shutter Bugged Nov.22/Nov.23
15 Dangerous Dollies Nov.29/Nov.30
Sailor Moon 1-unknown Rubeus Evens the Score-unknown Oct.29-Nov.28 (Only Mon. to Fri.) 12:00-12:30PM YTV
Anime - Different Anime Everytime Oct.26/Nov.1 12:00-12:30AM TELETOON

Warning....still under construction

Anime T.V Guide for Vancouver/Pacific Time Zones (Canada) and its entire contents are copyright 1997 of Carol . All rights reserved. Reproduction of this in any way without permission is prohibited. Anime shows, info, and images associated with them are trademarks of and copyrighted of respective owners, companies and distributors. Background is copyright 1996 of JPayne
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