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Anime T.V Guide for Canada

Aug 8th, 1998
The petition section has just been updated and I added the TAP contest banner which I think I'm joining in. Through this month, I am planning to organize the website and add a new section so their will be some broken links while I am trying to do all this in a short period of time. The schedules and credits section will be updated soon.
July 19th, 1998
I just added a new section (finally) ! I am still working on more new sections and improving the ones I have now so it may take a while to update this site again. I would like to use this opportunity to thank all the supporters, contributers, and viewers of this website. I have recieved many feedback over the six months this site has been up and the 'Free Stuff' seems to be giving me more things to work at (great!). Okay, now to answer some stuff from the 'Free Stuff' contributers.

- Yes, I am planning to write a short synopsis and review for the shows but it does take a lot of time and right now, that is one thing I don't have. Yes, I did have written stuff before, but it was copied.
- I had a mailing list before but I did not find much responses to it and it was very time consuming, I had to drop it. Maybe it will come back...
- Yes, want more sections. Well, it's slowly coming.

July 13th, 1998
Stuff in 'Schedules', 'News', and 'Banners' are now updated. I am still working on it...

July 9th, 1998

I added a voting thing where you can vote for my page if you want. I'm not asking you to vote, but it would be nice if you did. ^_^ More stuff coming soon...

July 1st, 1998

Well, I have officially upgraded the Anime T.V Guide for Canada; so everything is in a better format :o) ! I plan to add more sections since I did delete a lot of them from the previous site; but I did add some new ones too. I am going to try to keep the site as updated and accurate as possible; I always welcome help (especially when school starts again). If you like to suggest or make any comments, please feel free to email me. Thanks!

- The Mailing List is now inactive. I am sorry but it was too hard to handle so I dropped it.
- All the sections are improved! Please give me your feedback on it.
- Happy Canada Day!!

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