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Name: Carol Mak Age: 15 Occupation: Student Location: Vancouver, B.C. Favorite Anime: Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Other Stuff: music, computers, At first, anime didn't seem apparent to me. It was always around me in shops, and on T.V; such as Speed Racer Technoman and Samurai Pizza Cats, but it just never caught my eye. However, things started to change.

When I was eleven, I recieved this pocket mirror with a sticker on the front of a girl with big eyes, long, yellow hair; opening her arms as she was going to hug someone. There were blossoms around her, drifting in the wind. At first, I didn't even know who the girl was. I didn't even know she was even part of a show. I thought she was just a...... character on a sticker.

After a year, one day, no reason at all, I started flipping through all the channels. I suddenly saw a very familar girl in a cartoon show. It looked like......the sticker on my pocket mirror. Sailor Moon?

After one month, I got hooked. I don't know how but I just suddenly get this rush when I see the show. Two years later, I taped almost all the dubbed episodes, and all my friend's Chinese and Japanese Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon tapes. I also got the internet and got more exposed to Japanese art and animation. Through all this, I started to having a big interest in anime and manga. Now, I tape any anime show on T.V, including Drangon Ball Z and save money for Japanese videos and comics.

Warning....still under construction

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