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This is where all the monthly schedules for the anime shows shown on T.V are. To give you a more accurate schedule, select the province you are in. By the way, if you see any errors or you want to add a show time(s) to the schedule, please feel free to email me.

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Sailor Moon Showing-This Week
There is some evidence that TELETOON didn't cancel Dragon Ball Z and Late Night Anime due to poor ratings. An email I recieved from gave me an email sent to him by TELETOON. It said:


Thank you for taking the time to write to us and sorry it took so long to respond. You have been really patient!

Since all of our viewers have seen the Anime and Dragon Ball Z, we decided to give them a little break.

Although we are only six months old, we already have an impressive inventory of animated programs from around the world, and this is just the beginning. Like any other company, TELETOON works with a budget and the one for this year has already been spent. We now have to wait and see how much money will be available before we can commit to new acquisitions. Already this year 5 millions of dollars were invested in our programming and we will keep investing each season.

In the mean time, please keep visiting our website as all new acquisitions will be posted on the "What's new" page.

Nathalie Lévesque
Viewer Relations/Relations à l'auditoire
BCE Place
181 Bay Street, P.O. Box 787
Toronto, ON M5J 2T3

So apparently it's possible that the anime was cancelled not because of bad ratings but rather because of lack of funds and because Teletoon felt that after showing the same movies a lot of times that they should give it a break. Here is another place where TELETOON almost said the same thing. (April. 30, 1998)

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