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This is where many Frequently Asked Questions are answered. If you have any more questions about the site or anything else, please feel free to email me ^_^.
1. What is the "Anime T.V Guide for Canada"?
2. Why isn't the "Anime T.V Guide" for Canada and the U.S.?
3. What television stations does the "Anime T.V Guide for Canada" include?
4. Can I use the images, info and other stuff on my own website?
5. Is this page Copyrighted © ?

1. What is the "Anime T.V Guide for Canada"?

The "Anime T.V Guide for Canada" is a web site where you can get all your schedule times and info on any anime show shown on T.V. all in one web site. I came up with this idea when I always missed an anime show on T.V. and got really annoyed. I had to keep looking at different web sites everyday which later became a hassle. I started building this site since October 1997 and it officially opened February 1998. Right now, there are nine main sections in the site. I hope I will be adding more soon.

T.V. Schedule
This lets you see the monthly anime schedule. First, you would have to choose the province you live in for an accurate schedule, then after, the schedule will be shown with the times, dates, shows, episodes, and channels.

Show Info
This just gives the general information about the anime shows, such as the storyline.

This is what you are reading now. It just answers "Frequently Asked Questions".

This tells what I lasted updated or changed something on the site.

This is where I give all my recognition and credits to all the people and websites who helped out. Without them, this site would not even be up.

This is where you fill in a questionnaire about this site and give your input in how the site can improve.

Want Help
This is where you can fill out a form to help me with this site. PLEASE go there!

This is where you sign your name on a petion for YTV and TELETOON about giving anime a chance.

Some worthwhile links for Canadian anime fans.

Sign/View the Dreambook
This is self explanatory!

Email me
What do you think?

Coming Soon...

Station Info: 30% complete (ON HOLD)

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2. Why isn't the "Anime T.V Guide" for Canada and the U.S.?

The reasons why I am not doing this for Canada and U.S.:

- It will take way too long to list all the channels, times, dates, ect. for all the states and provinces and I'm not even that organized!
- U.S shows have free T.V Guides on the Internet already and lists every show; these include: TV Guide and TV Quest
-There are two pages for the U.S that have information similar to this site. They are Anime on T.V and Anime on U.S T.V
- I live in Canada. (No offense to Americans)

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3. What stations does the "Anime T.V Guide for Canada" include?

The "Anime T.V Guide for Canada" is based on the ROGERS cable system; basic cable and Me-TV; which most Canadians use. Most of the time, the stations also consists of American channels, such as ABC and CBS. These American channels are included in the monthly anime schedules too along with the Canadian channels if the station shows anime.

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4. Can I use the images and information on my own website?

Yes, you can use any image on this website, since they not created or copyrighted by me. However, you can not use anything I WRITTEN on your own site; such as the schedules. By the way, if you do use something from this site, please email me and don't forget to give credit where it's due to.

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5. Is this website Copyrighted © ?

Yes the "Anime T.V Guide for Canada" and its format is Copyrighted © by me. That means you can not use any of the things I've created. However, the T.V shows, stations, and stuff associated with that are copyrighted by their repective owners. That means YTV is not mine (I wish it was). If you want to use anything from this site, please email me first. I would really appreciate it.

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Anime T.V Guide for Canada and its entire contents are copyright 1998 of Carol . All rights reserved. Reproduction of this in any way without permission is prohibited. Anime shows, info, and images associated with them are trademarks of and copyrighted of respective owners, companies and distributors.
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