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Mobile Police Patlabor
Genre: [Drama] ; Format: [FILM], [OAVs], [TV]
Shown: Dubbed
Recommended for/why: PG 13/violence
Noa Izumi
Asuma Shinohara
Isao Ohta
Kanuka Clancy
Takeo Kumagami
Hiromi Yamazaki
Mikiyasu Shinshi
Shinobu Nagumo
Kiichi Goto
Shegeo Shiba
Detective Matsui
Prince Uru
Fukushima (SVII Chief)
Momoko Sakurayama (TV Reporter)
Weather forecaster (Patlabor movie)
Kataoka (Patlabor movie)
Miyuki Kasima (OAV #14)
Ingraman Zero (OAV P-15)
Shinshi Tamiko .
Sakaki Seitarou

Due to global warming, the Babylon Project is initiated to seal off Tokyo Bay, and create more real estate. New industrial machines called 'labors' were developed for the Project. Labors vary, but most fit the "giant robot" mold. Being so versatile, labors were also used for crime, so the Patrol Labor (PatLabor) was developed. This is the story of a police unit which uses the patlabor model 'Ingram' -- SVD Section 2.
Release by: Manga Entertainment, Manga Video
Rating: Highly Recommended
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