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Galaxy Express 999
Genre: [Science Fiction] ; Format: [FILM], [TV]
Author: Leiji Matsumoto
  • Tetsuro Hoshino
  • Metel
  • Conductor
  • Clea
  • Hakushaku Kikai (Count Machine)
  • Metalmena (Adieu, GX999) sY1
  • Tochirou
  • Lyuse
  • Narrator
  • Queen Emeraldas
In the far far future, technology has advanced enough so that it no longer matters what a spaceship looks like. You can have a space express service with a ship that looks like a 19th century train. Imagine where you can go and what adventures you can have. We follow Tetsuro as he goes on these adventures. In "Adieu, Galaxy Express 999", the final chapter has Tetsuro as one of the human rebels fighting against the mechanicals.
U.S. Release: Viz Videos
Warning....still under construction

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