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May 31st, 1998
I am right now working really hard on upgrading my site so this site will not be updated anymore. You may still submit information for the mailing list and petition, but everything else will not be updated until the new site is up in July (I hope). I promise it will be much better. :o)
May 3rd, 1998
The May Schedule is Up!! Notice two changes: Timeslot of Late Night Anime and a new time for Sailor Moon. Also, I am thinking of changing the schedule sections so the details, such as the episode/movie names will directly link to the T.V stations' page. In this way, I won't always have to update the schedules every month. Anyone do not like this idea?
April 10th, 1998
I have updated two sections: Show Info and Petition. Thanks to and for their help.
March 31st, 1998
The April Schedule is up!! Not many new times added though. If you see a missing time in your province, please feel free to email me and I will gladly add it. Also, right now I am planning to upgrade the site for the summer. Any suggestions or comments?
March 14th, 1998
The two new sections are here today! It features Petition which is where you can sign your name for a petition to YTV and TELETOON and Links which are just links. Please tell me what you think by going to Feedback or emailing me.
February 28th, 1998
The anime schedule for March is up today! I have added a new anime time slot for Quebec and deleted all the TELETOON timeslots from all the provinces. Also, two new sections for the site are coming in about a two weeks; so stay tuned! By the way, I want to thank all the people who supported and gave feedback on the website this last month. I was really suprised on the amount of email I had! Thanks again!
February 2nd, 1998
This is not another update : ( and since I'm too lazy to make a links page right now, I would like to list some anime pages similar to this site. If you have any suggestions on what kind of links I should put on this site, please feel free to email me.
Anime on European Satellite TV
Current TV Anime - Tokyo
German Anime TV Listing
SG Anime The Guide to Anime Broadcasted in Singapore
February 1st, 1998
Well, this is the official opening of the Anime T.V Guide for Canada, so everything is updated ^_^ ! I hope you liked the site so far. I plan to add more sections and have people help out soon. Just to WARN some people though; this anime T.V Guide is not professionally made; but made by an average anime fan. Therefore, I can not know ALL the anime that is going to be shown on T.V. I only list shows that have regular schedules and special showings that are heavily advertised. I have no access or contacts to any T.V stations whatsoever and this T.V Guide is based on other T.V Guides and other people who help out; so it may not be as efficient as other T.V Guides. However, I'm going to try to keep the site as updated and accurate as possible. If you like to help in some way with the site, I would really appreciate it if you go to Feedback and Want Help. Thanks! Also (not relating to the website), I would like to trade anime videos so if you have ANY anime videos, please email me and maybe we can make a trade.
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