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Wings of Honneamise
Genre: [Drama] ; Format: [FILM]
Shown: Dubbed
Recommended for/why: R/coarse language, violence, adult situations
Leiquinni Nondelaiko
Dr. Gnomm

In an alternate world, Shirotsugh Lhadatto dreams of becoming a pilot...but his grades weren't good enough, so he became a member of the Royal Space Force instead. The Space Force is led by a General whose dream is to put the first man into space. The Space Force, however, is a laughing stock and a career dead end, so its members aren't exactly the cream of the crop. After an encounter with Leiquinni Nondelaiko, a very religious girl, Shiro is inspired to volunteer to be the first astronaut. The movie details the growth of Shiro's character, as well as the trials - both political and technical - which culminate in the launch of the first manned rocket. I can't really do justice to this movie in a short description, but it's very good. A dubbed version exists called "Star Quest"...avoid it.
Release Info:
"Star Quest" - an early dubbed version of the movie. Avoid at all costs...
"Wings of Honneamise" - this version was dubbed by Manga Entertainment and,
from most accounts, turned out VERY well.

Release by:Manga Entertainment/Manga Video
Rating: Highly Recommended
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