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Hello Kitty
Genre: [Kid Show] ; Format: [TV],
Shown: Dubbed
Length: 30 min each episode
Recommended for/why: G/Nothing Bad
monster Zacky


A series for little kids. This follows the adventures of two kitty kids named "Kitty" and "Mimi". The series tends to be very straightforward and innocent. As an example: two jewel thieves get away with their loot and crashland near where the kids live. They meet the kitty kids (who think that the robbers are aliens from a UFO) and entertain the kids with stories while the kids tend to their injuries. In the morning, the thieves decide that it wasn't worth it, and turn themselves in...only after making sure that the kitty kids see their thanks and know that the 'aliens' went back to space. The series is very charming and almost fairy tale like...
Release by: unknown
Rating: Recommended
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