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Genre: [Fantasy] ; Format: [TV], [FILM]
Shown: [Dubbed]
Length: 30 min each episode
Recommended for/why: PG8/fantasy violence
Gokuu Son
Gohan Son
Kao Pai Pai
Shen Long/Announcer

Description: (by Curtis Hoffmann)
This series is about Gokuu Son, a were-monkey whose original quest was to find the 7 Dragonballs. It is said that once all 7 Dragonballs are put together, a great dragon will appear and will grant 1 wish, after which the Dragonballs will scatter.
Dragonball - This followed Goku on his original quest. There are lots of silly gags and toilet humor, as well as some great character acting and pathos. Gokuu Son is based on the Monkey King legend, but is more naive and innocent than he is strong and valorous (which is saying a LOT). As his quest continues, he picks up lots of friends and enemies, which keeps the storyline fresh. Also, upon the completion of a quest, it must begin again since the Dragonballs are scattered, leading to new & even more bizarre adventures. Most villains belong to the "Red Ribbon" organization of which the most deadly assassin is...Kao Pai Pai. This is arguably one of the most popular (and money making) anime TV series in Japan today.
Release by: Funimation
Note: Right now, Funimation has only dubbed the first 13 episodes.
Rating: Recommended
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