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Anime T.V Guide for Canada

Outlook #1

Anime; what is the attraction? As an ordinary anime fan myself, and like many other fans, we consider anime as a passion, an art, a popular form of entertainment. We idolize it day by day, buying and collecting as much related merchandise, from videos to trading cards, from soundtracks to posters; all because of our love for anime. We go crazy in subbing and dubbing raw Japanese anime, and form campaigns and clubs in order to promote it in any way. But what exactly attracts us to this? I mean, isn't it like any other form of animation? What is the difference?
In my point of view, I'm addicted to anime because it consists of all the elements that make up good, hard-core animation; which includes art, motions, music, characters, storyline, and the complexity of it all. Also, there are a variety of these elements, from the good to the extreme; anime comes in different shapes and size, making it an unique and matchless form of entertainment. Even though it is not all good, and not all bad, anime has a certain touch which attracts and seduce all audiences from countries all over the world. Whether if it is for a good reason or bad, anime can get into anyones' minds and stand out. In addition, anime is something that can stir up ones' mind, a genre so fantasic that makes it a 'surreal' thing. Everything is connected, from art to music, characters and story, motions to feelings, all linked in an intelligent way making it a form of entertainment unrressitable. Anime can be a source for all, and is one thing that opened my eyes in the world of Japanese entertainment.

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