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Anime T.V Guide for Canada

Plastic Little: Win for Free!
               Copyright © Kinji Yoshimoto/Satoshi Urushihara
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State/Prov.: Post./Zip Code:


July/August 1998 prizes:
Plastic Little CPM Manga: 3 of 5
Plastic Little CPM Manga: 5 of 5


1. Contests are held every two months. There are always one or two prizes; it could be manga, videos, posters or any other related merchandise.

2. All contestants can only enter once and must submit entry by the last day of the second month.

3. Fill out the form below and please try to fill in all the boxes. When I look at your entries, I will mostly look at the suggestions given for the site; so make it thoughtful ^_^.

4. All prizes will be mailed by regular mail. I am not responsible for prizes that get damaged or lost in the mail. Sorry.

5. I will annonce the winner(s) here and by email. You can only win if you have followed all the rules.

NOTE: If the form does not work, please email your entry providing the same information.


There are no winners yet since this is the first drawing.

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