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Anime T.V Guide for Canada

Right now, I have a really small fansub list; but I hope it will expand soon through me trading and requesting from other people. I tape in any speed (SP, LP, EP) but I prefer SP if you want to keep the videos in good quality. If you would like to trade or request from me, please click here.

Sailor Moon SuperSMovie-raw Japanese70VG
Macross 7T.V1-4Anime Central30 ea.EX+

If you would like to trade with me, please email me with a list of what you have, including the title, fansubber, and quality and what you want from me. After, if we agree to trade, we will decide on the brand of tape and when to mail the tape(s). When we send or receive the tape(s), we will have to email each other. I probably will agree since I don’t even have much videos yet. :o)

If you would like to request from me, here is the price chart. It includes the tape and shipping.

Maxell Silver/Sony ED$10.00
$14.00$18.00Add $1.00 for LP
Add $2.00 for EP
Maxell Gold/Sony V$12.00
$16.00$20.00Add $1.00 for LP
Add $2.00 for EP

You can request three tapes at a time. When requesting through the email, please write: Name, Address, Requesting tape, email, tape brand, and the total amount of money you are sending (donations are always welcome!) Extra money I recieve go towards in buying stuff for my Free Stuff. When requesting through the mail, please include the same informaton as the email so I will confirm with you if there are any mistakes. Also, I only accept CDN$ and US$ in two ways: Money Order (International for U.S) and Cash. I will email you when I receive you request and when I send your request. It may take from 5 days to a month depending on my time.

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