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Anime T.V Guide for Canada



Copyright Shoji Kawamori, Manga
Most people may disagree, but censoring of anime is good and bad in certain situations. This does not mean I think censoring is right...or wrong, but censoring is done usually for one or more certain reasons.

You may have noticed that anime censoring is usually done on public television in North America. It's always up to the company distributing it or the T.V station to decide, but if something was going to be shown on public television, remember, people including non-anime fans are watching too. For this reason, one would have to say that it is better to censor the anime if necessary. This does not mean that people don't want to watch in its original full version or can't handle all the gory and nudity, but I am saying that people, non-anime fans, don't expect these kinds of 'things' to be shown on public television and in this day of age, many people don't accept these kinds of 'things'; animated or not.

Yes, there is no scientific proof that what you see on T.V causes violence or sex in an average person, but usually more bad comes out than the good. The result of this just causes problems for the distributing company or the T.V station broadcasting it; which is something they don't want to deal with. It's very easy to disagree to extreme behavior shown on public television, and it's very hard to back it up with something good since in an average person's view, there 'is' nothing good about it.

So, since Japanese animation and culture is so different from the the North American culture, things are bound to be not acceptable and this may be something that may be needed to be cut or changed. Remember, anime was first aimed for Japanese people so you may accept all the things they show, but some people, especially watching mainstream T.V, may think that it's not all right.


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