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Anime T.V Guide for Canada

August 29th, 1998

Okay. I added a new section and updated almost every page on the site again so please check it all out. I do plan to do more, but that may have to wait since school is almost starting and I like to take a break from the site for a while. I have almost stared at the computer 24 hours already; still you can feel free to email me since I'm not taking a total vacation. ^_^

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A picture I drew of Sailor Moon!

If you want to know when updates are going to be, please join the mailing list (which I decided to start again). This time it's a bit more organized and easier for me. Oh, the free stuff on this site will keep going so always come back at least every two months for that. Anyone want to suggest a prize? And please, if you win, do not sell it. I use my own money to give it up, so please keep it as a prize itself. Thanks!

So, I guess that's it for now. Well, until next time, keep on giving those comments, questions, suggestions, complaints...

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