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Anime T.V Guide for Canada

Hi. Welcome back to the next interview. Still interested, eh? Anyway, meet my second guest: Ryan of V-S.W.A.T!

Q1: So, how's life so far? ^_^

A1: Non-stop. Between work, school, anime, and just having a rockin' time, I'm getting pretty burned out... ^_^;

Q2: How did you become an anime 'otaku' yourself?

A2: Well, back when I was a kid (around '82-'85), I remember Robotech, Lum, Mazinger, and Captain Harlock from TV. I loved em! They were my favorite cartoons, but at the time I never even knew they were anime. I loved the Dirty Pair back then too (still do!), but my only exposure to them was some of their earlier comics. Then, in in '89 I was down at the Granville Street Cinemas late one night, and they happened to be showing Akira. I went in with some friends and was immediatly hooked! Imagine my surprise when I looked into this new medium of "anime" and found Robotech, Lum, Captain Harlock, Mazinger and The Dirty Pair waiting for me! I was blown away! I immediatly started getting my hands on every anime I could, which, back then, was a REAL chore! Still, I persevered, and slowly my anime collection grew...

Q3: Tell me a bit about your club; how it got started, what's it role...ect.

A3: Well, VSWAT started as a group of friends who gathered every saturday night to watch old sci-fi movies, bad horror movies, and, of course, lots and LOTS of anime. It sort of evolved from there, but we still hold the meetings in members' basements, and try to keep a pretty casual atmosphere. VSWAT's only role is to do all the cool stuff a club SHOULD do, without all the administration and rules that go with a larger, more organised club.

V.S.W.A.T. Club
Visit the V-S.W.A.T Club

Q4: Is your club planning anything for the future? Showings, conventions...

A4: Well, we do a showing every second saturday, and hopefully this fall we'll be doing a few presentations to the general public at the local college. We also plan to roll across North America, subjugating it's inhabitants by force and crushing... err... nevermind. ^_^;

Q5: What's one thing about the club that just sticks in your mind?

A5: The fact that we're the ONLY anime club to have kidnapped members. Seriously. We were a bit low on members at one time when the club was first formed. (our membership tends to fluctuate a lot) One night, while driving to the meeting, some of the members (myself included) spotted an aquaintance of ours walking along the road. We stopped, and told him he was coming to the meeting. He refused. We jumped out and stuffed him into the car. After he got over his initial anger he had a great time at the meeting.

Q6: What's your favorite anime? manga?

A6: Anime? Hmnn... That would have to be a toss-up between Demon City Shinjuku, and All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku. Probably Demon City Shinjuku. The mood and feel to that anime is incredible! As for my favorite manga... I'd have to say Appleseed by Matsume Shirow.

Q7: How about anime sites? places?

A7: Well, there's "Badass Badtz Maru's Deadpan Alley", which is a real trip, "Why Women Watch Anime", an EXCELLENT Bishonen shrine, "The Anime Literary Source", my favorite place for fanfics, "Dream Factory Comics", a really kickass independant comic slated to go to print this fall, and, of course, my own "Ryan's Anime Review", the BIGGEST and BEST on the net!

- Badtz Maru
- Why Women Watch Anime
- Anime Litt. Source
- Dream Factory Comics
- Ryan's Anime Review

Q8: What do you think about the anime community here in Vancouver, Canada or the internet?

A8: Well, with VJAS and AR Club doing showings at both Douglass College and SFU, and the abundance of places that sell anime, I think the anime community is doing fairly well in general. However, it's not very well promoted, and none of the clubs talk to each other enough. There isn't enough communication within the community. As well, the internet presence for the anime scene here in Vancouver is VERY lackluster to say the least. VSWAT is the ONLY Vancouver club with any real sort of internet presence, and we're by far the smallest club. Entering "Vancouver Anime" into any major search engine usually only turns up our page.

Q9: What advice would you give if someone wanted to be involved in the anime community?

A9: Just do whatever you want to do, and do the best job at it you can. Have fun! Create a fanzine! Join an anime club! Or just do your own thing! And get in touch with video stores and comic shops, they're usually more than happy to help you promote whatever you're doing. Also, the best place to make a name for yourself can be the internet, though sometimes it's hard to be heard in the sea of chaos that is the net...

Q10: Any final words you want to share?

A10: Remember, wherever you go, there you are.

WE'RE V - S - W - A - T

Uh...thanks Ryan. ^_^ You the man!

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