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Anime T.V Guide for Canada

Hey. How's it going? ;o)

I decided to add this section to, well, express myself in ways that no one ever seen before. Great, isn't it...

First, I would personally like to welcome you to the priemier issue of the 'Outlooks' Canadian anime fanzine, a small fanzine I created to be part of the 'Anime T.V Guide for Canada'. However, unlike the majority of anime fanzines online, this fanzine does not focus on reviewing any anime. It's more like a fanzine where Canadian anime fans can express their own opinions and share their ideas about the new generation of Japanese art and animation (cheesy line, eh?). Anyway, to submit your comments, opinions, thoughts, suggestions to me or the fanzine, please email me. I hope to start an email section soon.

What? Who am I? You can say I'm the average but not the total extreme anime fan I like to be. Anyway, as time passes, I hope to accomplish this only goal. :o)

As school is approaching fast (less than a month away), I'm sorry to say that this fanzine and all of the site may not be updated as often. I will be very busy in dealing with enriched schooling, extra curricular activities, service, and having my own free time that this website will be just too hard for me to handle. The site will still be up but updates may come on holidays. I can't really say. I do like to keep updating during the year, but right now, my priorities just top this. Don't worry, I can never stop myself from obsessing over anime, so you never know.

Take care.


From the Editor