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Anime T.V Guide for Canada

July 13th, 1998
Good news and bad news. The good news is that Sailor Moon once again have a new time slot on YTV each Saturday at 3:00 PM (PT/ET). However, it seems that SPACE has dropped its 'ANIME block'. To read more about this, go here.
July 4th, 1998
Here is a message I got from who got an email sent from TELETOON stating about anime being shown again.

Hi there !

Thank you for taking the time to write to us, and sorry it took so long to reply. We receive a great volume of email messages every day and although it may take awhile, we do take the time to reply. Thanks for your patience!

Unlike the rights for video distribution, broadcast rights for Japanese animés are very difficult to acquire. Although it is not possible to have a regular weekly broadcast for this material, animés will be occasionnaly offered as special presentations on TELETOON. A Manga special is already scheduled for the end of August (see details below). We are also pleased to inform our animé fans that we were finally able to acquire the broadcast rights for MACROSS PLUS IV ! The air date has not been determined yet, so please visit our Web site regularly for updates.

Friday, August 28 : 23h30 - MANGA SPECIAL: Ninja Scroll (2h - 18+)

Saturday, August 29 : 21h30 - MANGA SPECIAL: Patlabor I (2h - G) 23h30 - GOGS SPECIAL (30 min.)

Sunday, August 30 : 21h30 - MANGA SPECIAL: Patlabor II (2h05 - G) 23h35 - GOGS SPECIAL (30 min.)

Monday, August 31 : 21h30 - MANGA SPECIAL: Wings of Honneamise (2h30 - PG)

We take this opportunity to announce that we have a fabulous line-up of new shows for the fall. Brand new episodes of SPACE GOOFS, JOHNNY BRAVO and COW & CHICKEN among others, more DUCKMAN and more REN & STIMPY. We are also adding great series such as SPACE GHOST COAST TO COAST, JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCAT and more! We will reveal our secrets during the summer, so stay tooned!

Thanks again for your message (and your patience!),

Julie Martin
For: Viewer Relations

I guess we can be thankful for TELETOON again!

June 22, 1998
Sailor Moon has now been changed from 8:00 AM (PT, ET) to 9:30 AM (PT, ET) on YTV. Please note the change.
June 8, 1998
Once again, I got more new info from (Thanks!). He gave me this email sent to him by BRAVO.


Sorry for the delay in this response. We have been having difficulties with our email system, but we are up and running now.

Haramggedon will return to Bravo! in late June '98, just before the new film Armaggedon (about a comet hitting earth) is scheduled to open theatrically. Thanks for your message!

So it "looks" like the anime movie Harmageddon will be shown on BRAVO.

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