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Welcome to the Anime T.V guide for Canada.
The reason why I'm doing this is not to take away business from any other T.V guide companies but to list anime shows that show on T.V, the channels, the times, and the episodes, all in one website. This I hope will encourage new viewers to watch the shows and create some new fans. With more fans, anime can have more of a chance to stay in North America. So, it's like a free T.V Guide but only for anime.

The reasons why I am not doing this for Canada and U.S:

  • It will take way too long to list all the channels, times, dates, ect. for all the states and provinces
  • U.S shows have free T.V Guides on the Internet already and lists every show; these include: TV Guide and TV Quest.
  • I live in Canada. (No offence to Americans)

Well, you say, there is only one channel that shows anime in Canada, and that's YTV. Well, there is other channels and I am also including American Channels that we can see on basic cable. Like in Vancouver, with basic cable, you can watch American channels ABC and CBS.

WARNING!! This anime T.V Guide is not professionally made; but made by an average anime fan. Therefore, I can not know ALL the anime that is going to be shown on T.V. I only list shows that have regular schedules and special showings that are heavily advertised. I have no acess or contacts to any T.V stations whatsoever and this T.V Guide is based on other T.V Guides and other people who help out; so it may not be as efficient as other T.V Guides.

Do you think this is a good idea? Would you support this? I need lots of feedback, so please email me. I would greatly appreciate it so I would know if people really want this. Also, if you do think this is a good idea, please don't start making your own T.V Guide on the internet. I would appreciate more if you would help me set up the site or help me advertise because I do need a lot of HELP!!

In addition, I need "contact persons" from different places in Canada. A "contact person" is a person who just list down the shows, what days, what times, what channels, and what episodes for the month in their area or city and email me. Then I would just post it up on the website. Please go here to apply. Plus, I need people who want to update and put information about the shows since I can't do it all by myself. Please don't be shy of helping either. This is just an idea and if I don't get enough people, it will probably just stay as "Anime T.V Guide for British Columbia!".

Well, thanks for reading this. Please consider helping by emailing me. I would greatly thank you.

Warning....still under construction

Anime T.V Guide for Vancouver/Pacific Time Zones (Canada) and its entire contents are copyright 1997 of Carol . All rights reserved. Reproduction of this in any way without permission is prohibited. Anime shows, info, and images associated with them are trademarks of and copyrighted of respective owners, companies and distributors.
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