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This section is where you can enter your full name, email, and age for the petition. This petition is asking YTV/TELETOON to give anime another chance on T.V. After about two to three months, I will email the petition to YTV and TELETOON. Please read the petition and if you want something to be changed or added in the petition, please email me. Remember, this petition is only the first draft.

This petition is not here to criticize or to flame your station in anyway about the lack of anime (Japanese animation) shown on your station. However, it is a plea from all anime fans and T.V viewers of your station across Canada to give anime another chance. You have shown anime before, such as Dragon Ball Z/Late Night Anime, and we are very grateful for that; however, us anime fans don't think it was appropiate that you cancelled these shows. Firstly, if you put these shows in such late hours and shown the same episodes/movies all over and over again, you should expect to get poor ratings sooner or later. Secondly, you have never frequently advertise these shows on your station and this lack of advertising never really helped to interest new audiences. You did advertise for Late Night Anime, however, you only advertised it during the Late Night Anime showing; so you were advertising for something that someone knows already. Therefore, this petition is saying that, please, give anime another chance by trying to put these anime shows in better time slots, with more variety, and better publicity. Then, I promise that the interest level will go up among your viewers and many more anime fans, and new viewers of anime, will watch your station. Please, consider what this petition says, and email back your comments about it and our plea for anime to be shown on your station. Thank you for your time and consideration!

Dedicated Anime Fans (and names)

Now, all we need is your name! Please give your real name with your last name along with your true email and age! Any fake information sent will be omitted. We can not allow any cheating or else the stations will not find us honest and they may disregard the petition. Also, please do not sign more than once. Furthermore, I suggest you to support all the other petitions listed on the Links page too.

Full Name: Age:


Warning....still under construction

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