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Sailor Moon Fans, Anime Fans.
If you are an average anime fan who just surfs throught the World Wide Web just about everyday, you should have probably noticed that many websites, especially on free webspace providers, are about ‘Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon’. Let’s see, Sailor Moon Galaxy, Sailor Moon Universe, Sailor Moon World, Sailor Moon Garden, Sailor Moon Room, Sailor Moon Gateway......on and on. As an general anime fan, I think all this ‘Sailor Moon’ is alright. I mean, it’s promoting an anime series and the series is not totally awful. Maybe it’s just a little bit dumb and a little bit corny, but hey, it’s not the only anime like that. However, I find it really offensive when an anime fan “bad talks” a Sailor Moon fan. It’s not happening so much anymore, but when Sailor Moon started to become popular, many anime fans express ______ towards Sailor Moon fans. (eg. Anti sailor Moon site- “I like anime, but not Sailor Moon”) I am not saying that you have to like Sailor Moon, but differences should not be used unappropiatly.
In addition, you can’t really blame Sailor Moon fans for liking Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon is one of the only anime shows shown on television for free; and when something is for free, people have more access to it and this will determine if they like it or hate it. Who ever heard a person walking into a store and buy a video when they never even heard or seen it? Almost the same situation is happening in this seanario. See, Sailor Moon fans only have easy access to Sailor Moon, and if that is what they can only get, they keep with it. General anime fans, who like other anime, have easier access to other anime, through their background (Asian), their friends, and spending lots of money. So the views of general anime fans are more broaden.
So, Sailor Moon fans are not dumb. They may seem dumb to you because the only anime they like is Sailor Moon, but remember, it depends on their assesability of other anime. If they never seen it before, how can they like it? And if you are one of those general anime fans who knows a person who is totally obsessed with Sailor Moon, maybe, on their birthday, buy a really good anime video tape for them. They may just move on because of you. :o)

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