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The Venus Wars
Genre: [Science fiction], Format: [Film]
Shown: Dubbed
Length: 104 minutes
Recommended for/why: PG 13/violence, coarse language, adult situations
Susan Somers
Hiro Seno

When mankind colonized Venus, then also brought our ability for war, as well. The Venus Wars is a movie about a number of young persons and how they must deal with the events that are occurring around them. Mainly, there is the young reporter Susan Somers, who will go to great lengths to get a story. There is also Hiro Seno, a motorcycle racer who usually would not care what was going on around him, even if it was a war. Hiro Seno, a popular hostshot motorcycle racer, caught up in a war he would rather avoid, witnesses the first strike on his country Aphrodia from the malevolent nation of Ishtar. Before his very eyes he sees the Ishtarian war machines lay waste to his city, and despite his opposition to war, Hiro soon finds himself fighting for his life on the front lines! Meanwhile, Susan Sumers, a spunky young jouralist from Earth, gets caught up in the whirlwind of Venutian political intrigue and espionage that brings her face-to-face with the deadly leader of Istar himself.
Release by: U.S Manga Corps
Rating: Recommended
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