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Macross Plus
Genre: [Science Fiction] ; Format: [OAVs] [Movie]
Shown: Dubbed
Length: 2.5 hours
Recommended for/why: PG 14/violence, coarse laguage, adult situations.
Isamu Daison
Myun Fan Lon
Galde Goa Borman
Sharon Apple
Yan Noiman
Yan Noiman

Once, there was a trio who built and flew a human-powered glider. As they grew up, they drifted apart. One became a Valkyrie fighter pilot. One became a test pilot. One became the manager for a robotic rock star. They are brought back together again as a new class of Valkyrie is that is controlled directly by the mind of the pilot. Despite the name, there is little to link it with the previous Macross series besides the Valkyrie mecha and UN Spacy. There is a high degree of interpersonal tension as the personalities of the two pilots clash with the female manager in the middle. This series is dedicated to "all pioneers everywhere..."
Release Info:
4 part OAV series - Tells the story starting with the test flights on Eden to the final encounter at the remains of the original Macross battlecruiser.
Movie - Reedited version of the 4 part OAV series. Some scenes were reordered and some animation was added.

US Release by: Manga Entertainment
UK Release by: Manga Video
Rating: Highly Recommended

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