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French title:Goldorak, English Title:Grandizer
Genre: [Robot Anime Series or Mecha] ; Format: [TV]
Shown: [Dubbed]
Length: 30 min each episode
Recommended for/why: PG8/violence
Year of production: 1975-77
First broadcast here in Canada: fall of 1978 at French Network TVA
Actarus/Orion Quest aka Johnny Bryant
Alcor/Lance Hyatt
Pr Procyon/Pr.Valconian
Rigel/Panhandle Morgan
Hydargos/Commander Ding
Minos/General Belicos

Description: (by Stéphane Dumas)
The evil Vega decided to take over all the galaxy and Euphor was the first target. Homever one survivor of Euphor,Actarus steals one of Véga's big robots,Goldorak to flee all the Universe to the Earth. He was adopted by Pr.Proycon and hide his robot under the center. Soon,Actarus decided to fight with Goldorak to protect the Earth and was joined by Alcor a young pilot and later in the series by Vénusia who reside on the ranch near the center and very later by Fénicia(Actarus younger sister) and the end of the series the goods triumphs over the evils.
Rating: Recommended
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